who we see

    • Private Patients
    • EPC Referrals
    • WorkCover Cases
    • DVA Personnel
    • CTP Cases
    • Third Party Cases

What We Do


When you call the clinic our receptionists will make an Initial Consultation Appointment with one of our Practitioners. You will receive an email confirmation of this appointment. Prior to your visit the Practitioner you are booked to see will call you to have a brief discussion about the reason for your visit, your history and any x-rays or imaging you may already have. This allows our Practitioners to have an understanding of your condition before your visit.


Upon entering the clinic you will be warmly greeted by our receptionist who will provide you with the necessary paperwork for your appointment. Once this paperwork is complete you will be introduced to your practitioner who will ask further questions and delve deeper into the reason for your visit.

The consultation is then expanded to include a physical examination and specialist tests (Orthopedic, Neurological and Functional Assessments) where applicable.

Following taking the history and examination your practitioner will discuss his or her findings with you, explaining to you what they believe the problem is, how the problem came about and what Precision Health Spine and Sports Clinic can do to help you.

If you agree to begin treatment, they can start immediately. Unless your condition requires immediate referral to a specialist, treatment is always provided on the first visit. Your practitioner will once again inform you of the reasons for such a referral.


At the conclusion of your first appointment, your practitioner will talk to you about your optimal treatment plan. Appointments for this plan can be booked in advance, or you can just book your next appointment. It’s up to you. Bear in mind you can always ring or email the clinic and change your appointment if your schedule changes.

Depending on the reason for your visit and your condition, further investigative forms or imaging may be required and this will all be clearly explained during your appointments.

As your treatment progresses your practitioner may amend your plan, based on how your body is responding and how you are feeling. Always feel free to talk to your practitioner if you have any concerns at all. We are happy to answer your questions.

Over the course of your treatment your practitioner may provide you with exercises or lifestyle advice that may help with your recovery.

Everyone’s needs and circumstances are unique, so it is important to have a clear understanding of your particular situation, and how long it may take to resolve. Again, your practitioner is always happy to help explain any concerns you may have.

On completion of your treatment plan, depending on your situation, your practitioner may suggest you visit on occasion to avoid a recurrence of your problem. Regardless, you are always welcome to make an appointment with your practitioner – you will always be welcome at Precision Spine & Sports Clinic.

For more info please see our FAQ