Prehab Physiotherapy involves the preparation of a joint or area prior to surgery. This may minimise post-op rehab and allow for faster results following the surgical procedure.

Rehab (Post-Op) Physiotherapy focuses on restoring normal function and movement to the site where the surgery was performed. Examples include ACL reconstruction and full thickness rotator cuff repairs.

Sports Physiotherapy focuses on treating the complaint area following so called minor injuries such as sprained ankle, a torn hamstring or back pain. Treatment is coupled with at home advice and exercises.

Women’s Health Physiotherapy focuses on assisting women with their non-surgical pregnancy and gynaecological needs. Examples of common conditions include incontinence, and pelvic organ prolapse.

At Precision Health Spine and Sports Clinic all the therapists seek to provide you with the best treatment in their relevant field. It is not a Health Professional's place to completely define another’s role, scope of practice or knowledge and expertise. With your best interests in mind the manual therapists at Precision Health Spine and Sports Clinic will always provide you with personalised treatment.

We recommend that you see one of our Manual Therapists first so that they can provide an assessment and working diagnosis, following this procedure it can be determined if your condition will be best resolved by seeing one of our remedial massage therapists.