Paediatric Podiatry

Children’s feet are particularly vulnerable, as the bones in the foot are not fully formed until the late teens. Analysis of appropriate footwear to allow for growth and assist with correct structural development is essential. In treating children, the timing is extremely important, as the foot is still growing. Our Podiatrist monitors the age and growth rate of the child to ensure the development of their feet is on track and meeting the appropriate milestones allowing for appropriate intervention if needed. It is important to investigate when children experience pain, as longer term problems can develop of treatment is not sought early.

Some children present with ‘toe walking’ or excessive clumsiness. These conditions can point to a problem with the development of the ligaments that support the structures of the ankle and foot.

It is also common for children to present with problems such as ingrown toenails and general nail problems. These can be exacerbated by the extended wearing of school shoes, which provide for limited ‘breathing’ in the foot, and from activities like kicking balls. Our Podiatrist is trained to monitor and treat all these complaints.