Can you say Onychomycosis ten times really fast?

Can you say Onychomycosis ten times really fast?

If you can’t you’d better take care of your toenails!

Fungal nail infections are no fun, and neither is their name – onychomycosis. Not only can they be painful, but they can be really unsightly, making wearing sandals and thongs embarrassing.

Fungal infections can be the result of trauma which often causes microfractures in the nail, providing an entry point for the infection. Diabetes, a compromised immune system or working in a wet environment can also be contributing factors. Constantly wearing shoes that create a humid environment can make the infection worse as they provide the perfect breeding ground for the fungi.

If you have a fungal infection you may notice your nail thickening or discolouring, crumbling, or splitting. Often, there is no pain associated with fungal infections, meaning that they can go unnoticed if we are not careful.

Since toenails grow at only half the rate of fingernails, it can take a while to be rid of fungal infections. Treatments often include daily application of an anti-fungal liquid or cream, which you may need to continue for up to a year. In some cases oral medication may be prescribed.

So, check your toes and make sure your nails are strong and healthy. If you do notice a problem, see a podiatrist quick smart to get moving on recovery!

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