… and not the kind that goes well with pasta…

There are all sorts of fungal infections that can take hold of your feet.  As with the Bromodosis that cause funky feet, fungus loves dark, damp, warm places.  Probably the most common fungal problem is Athlete’s Foot.

This very common – and very catching – condition causes itching, stinging burning, cracking and peeling.  Yuck.

How do you solve the problem?

Following the same advice we dished up last week in our Funky Feet blog is a good first approach, but there are some additional things you should bear in mind when dealing with Athlete’s Foot:

  1. Athlete’s foot is extremely catching! If you have it – don’t go barefoot in gyms, locker rooms, pool or shower areas.  You might pass it on.  If you don’t have it – don’t go barefoot in gyms., locker rooms, pool or shower areas.  You might catch it!
  2. Never share socks or shoes.
  3. Avoid tight or enclosed shoes – the more your feet can breathe the better off they will be.
  4. When washing your socks try and include an antibacterial or anti-fungal in the wash with the detergent. And nothing kills off bacteria like good old sunlight – so where possible dry your socks in the sun.
  5. Clean your shower floor thoroughly and regularly with bleach to avoid re-infection.
  6. Invest in some anti-fungal cream, lotion or powder. Whichever one you choose – follow the instructions and use it for as long as indicated – often the fungus can hang around once the symptoms seem to have cleared.

Follow these few simple directions and your feet should be looking dishy again in no time!

One final suggestion – visit your podiatrist to ensure whatever treatment you use is working.  Especially if problems persist.  Our podiatrist is in the clinic Monday, Wednesday and Saturday, so call or email the clinic if you would like an appointment.

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