How are you doing with the new wonder drug?

A few months ago, we wrote about the benefits of stretching. There are lots of them – increased blood flow, strength and co-ordination, flexibility, stress reduction, to name just a few.

So how are you doing with those stretches? Finding it difficult to fit them in to your daily routine? Don’t really know what sorts of stretches will benefit you? We thought it might be good to give you some ideas to help you out.

Many of these stretches are based on yoga poses, and all of them can be done in either a dynamic (moving in and out of the pose) or static (holding the pose for around 30 seconds) way. And just a tip – if you concentrate on breathing deeply while doing them it will help enormously with stress relief.

Downward Dog – helps with hip and shoulder mobility, and stretches and strengthens the deltoids and hamstrings.

Hands and feet shoulder width apart. Push up so your body is in a triangle position. Gently push the heels towards the floor, keeping your head between your outstretched arms.

Crescent Pose – strengthens abs, hip flexors and chest.

Feet one in front of the other, bend the front leg to 90 degrees, while keeping the back leg straight and flexing the hips forward. Raise your arms above your head, beside your ears with the palms facing inwards.

Leg Stretch – for your hamstrings and core muscles.

Lie on the floor with your legs in the air. Lower one leg, pulling the other towards your chest. If you can, raise your shoulders from the floor.

Side Oblique Stretch – for your lats, hips and obliques.

Stand with feet wider than shoulder width apart. Bend to the side whilst you slide one hand down your leg and raise the opposite one above your head, return to upright and repeat on the other side.

The Cat – stretches all your back muscles.

On your hands and knees, curl your back up, pulling your stomach toward your spine. Follow this one with:

The Cow – this works your abs and chest.

Essentially, reverse the cat. So instead of your back curving up, it arches, head and chest up and spine curved towards the stomach.

Side Lunge – this stretch helps with the inner thighs.

Start with feet wider than hip distance apart. Slide one foot out to the side, leg straight, while bending the other leg, pushing the butt back and leaning forward slightly. Touch the floor with your fingers if you can.

Childs Pose – this one is great for calming and stress relief as well as lower back, lats and shoulders.

From the position of hands and knees, hip width apart, push back until your butt is on your heels and your arms are stretched out in front of you, your chest pressed to your thighs. Keep your head down between your arms.

If you can incorporate just a few of these exercises into your morning routine you will not only improve your flexibility and stability, but reduce stress and start the day with a bit of a spring in your step! But don’t forget – if it hurts, stop and get some professional guidance.

If you would like any information on these exercises, or how they can help you, please call our Clinic on 9639 7337 or email at reception@precisionhealthclinics.com.au.

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