Growing old gracefully

it's not just a state of mind

In the past we have talked about the benefits of massage in general, as well as the benefits related to sports performance and recovery,

Injury prevention

“an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”

Benjamin Franklin


Injuries sometimes seem an inevitable part of being involved in sports. But they really don’t need to be. Of course, sometimes injuries are just accidents, and can’t be avoided, but often there ar ...

Give me 1 Good Reason


It’s hard to believe, but this is our 100th blog post! We originally started the blog posts to provide our patients and the wider community with information and knowledge on conditions and treatments related to the services we offer. Sometimes we stray into lifestyle and ...

Make the most of your Massage

When our patients come out of a massage we often hear “I wish I could have one every week!”. Whilst we are more than happy to see out patients every week for a massage, it does get difficult for them to find in the time – not to mention it would get pretty expensive.


So how ...

Chiropractic and Massage go together like movies and popcorn

People often call us and say “I don’t know if I need chiropractic treatment or a massage”.  The answer is – you probably need both.  Because Chiropractic treatment and massage go together like movies and popcorn.  So why is that?  And should you have the massage first, or the chiro?

Why ...

Pregnancy Massage


Last year, we talked about the benefits of Chiropractic treatment during pregnancy. Not everybody needs chiropractic during this amazing time, but just about every pregnant woman can benefit from a Pregnancy Massage.


We would all love to think that pregnancy ...

healthy sleep, healthy life

Sleeping is a significant part of life. So significant that we spend 56 hours a week on it. That is 2, 912 hours a year. 25 years of life! In other words, nearly one-third of our life is dedicated to sleeping.

Many people say they don’t need much sleep, but this is not really true. Sleepin ...

Hot topic – Inflammation

The word inflammation comes from the Latin word ‘set afire’ and most of us recognize that feeling of heat which often accompanies what we think of as inflammation. But there is much more to this common and complex problem than meets the eye.


What is Inflammation?

Tight muscles?

maybe not…
  We often hear people talking about how tight their muscles are – especially large muscles like the quad or hamstrings. But sometimes, it’s not actually the muscles that a tight, but another very important and much overlooked element – the fascia. ...

Summer sports & how massage can help

Summer is well and truly in full swing, and summer sports are beginning to take their toll on muscles and joints. Whether it’s cricket, baseball, softball or swimming that you love, injuries can put a real dent in your performance, not to mention cause you a great deal of pain.