Make the most of your Massage

Make the most of your Massage

When our patients come out of a massage we often hear “I wish I could have one every week!”. Whilst we are more than happy to see out patients every week for a massage, it does get difficult for them to find in the time – not to mention it would get pretty expensive.


So how do you feel like you have had a massage when you haven’t? Well, you can’t really. But there are some things you can do to extend the therapeutic benefits of your massage, which is almost the next best thing.




No, sorry. Not wine or beer. Or even coffee. WATER. Drink plenty of water before and after your massage. Massaging helps release toxins from your muscles, which then move into the lymphatic system. The best way to keep them moving all the way through is with water. 8 glasses if you can.




Massage heats up your muscles much as a warm-up would. So right after a massage is a good time to do some stretching exercises. You will achieve a nice deep, effective stretch, and help continue that relaxed feel a massage provides.




Sometimes muscles feel stiff and sore after a massage. Light exercise, like walking, can help alleviate both by keeping the joints mobile and the blood flowing.




A good old-fashioned Epsom Salts bath can do wonders after a deep tissue massage! Watch the temperature (not too hot), especially if you have a specific injury with swelling or inflammation. And whilst I would love to be able to say try a nice glass of wine – no. Stick to water!






If you have a particular area or muscle that gives you trouble, talk to your therapist about whether a foam roller, or even a tennis ball, could help keep the area loose between appointments.




Many of our aches and pains come from poor posture, or poor movement practice during work or sport. The days following a massage are a good time to try and change some of these bad habits. Talk to your therapist about what you might be doing wrong, and how you can improve it.




Here’s the good news! Put another massage on the horizon. Something to look forward to. Talk to your therapist about how often you should have a massage, and book a few up in advance. Not only will it help you get the time and day that’s most convenient for you, but it will make sure you don’t let important self-care slip through the cracks.



At Precision Health Spine & Sports Clinic we have three highly qualified Remedial Massage Therapists who provide Sports, Remedial, Swedish, Pregnancy and Injury massage. We service the Baulkham Hills, Castle Hill and the wider Hills District. If you would like to book a massage, call the clinic on 9639 7337.

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