Walk like an Egyptian

Walk like an Egyptian

What do the ancient Egyptians and Hipporcates have in common? Well – apart from the fact they both lived a very, very long time ago – they both understood the importance of healthy feet!

Podiatry is an ancient profession, first documented in bas-relief carvings in the tombs of Ancient Egypt around 2400BC. Hippocrates himself – the father of medicine – identified how important care of the feet is, and even invented scalpels in order to remove corns and callouses!

These days there is a lot more to Podiatry than just corns and callouses – although a Podiatrist can certainly take care of those. And there are clinics much closer than Ancient Egypt and Greece – in fact, right here in the Hills District.

Podiatry essentially comprises of three main areas

  1. General treatment – including removal of corns & callouses to help reduce pain and discomfort, maintaining healthy nails to help prevent ingrown toenails, treatment fungal infections and the like.
  2. Biomechanics – through gait analysis and assessment, abnormalities in joint motion, muscles and surrounding structures can be identified. These abnormalities can then be addressed and managed to help improve difficulty in walking and balancing.
  3. Diabetes management – educating patients about the impact diabetes can have on the lower limbs and working with them to help manage the symptoms and side-effects they may be suffering

Essentially, if it affects your legs and feet, a Podiatrist can help!

At Precision Health Spine & Sports Baulkham Hills Clinic our Podiatrist works closely with our Chiropractor and Massage Therapists to ensure an integrated treatment plan. In no time she will have you walking like an Egyptian!

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