What is TCM?

What is TCM?

Ancient Wisdom comes to Precision Health Clinic.

There is no denying that the ancient cultures developed a great deal of knowledge – some of which has been forgotten. But we can still use much of that knowledge today. This is true of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The earliest evidence we have of Traditional Chinese Medicine is in the I-Ching, which was first developed over 5,000 years ago – even before a formal written language existed in the region. Over the centuries, the knowledge in the I-Ching has been enhanced and enriched, and modern Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners can now draw on those years of knowledge to help their patients.

For a Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner the single most important aspect is diagnosis. Traditional methodologies used in the practice of Chinese medicine diagnosis:

  1. Sight – how the patient looks, including how they walk and sit
  2. Sound & Smell – the sound of the patient’s voice and breathing, and their smell
  3. Inquiry – asking questions of the patient
  4. Pulse – to a TCM Master there are 32 different kinds of pulses

Based on these four criteria a diagnosis is made, and a treatment plan is developed. This plan is likely to be based on acupuncture, but may also include herbal treatments, cupping and scraping.

These days, most people have a broad idea of what acupuncture is – the practice of inserting needles at different acupuncture points in the body to improve the flow of qi. Sometimes, acupuncture will include Moxibustion – placing burning mugwort on the head of the needle to improve efficacy.

Cupping is used for chronic conditions and externally-caused illnesses such as viruses. Suction is applied to the skin of the back causing bruising and broken capillaries, which accelerates blood flow and metabolism. Scraping provides much the same benefits, but via scraping rather than suction.

Herbal treatments are individually designed prescriptions that provide treatment for the specific conditions of the patients. They may include tonics or topical treatments depending on the need of the patient.

The range of conditions that can benefit from treatment using Traditional Chinese Medicine is almost endless. Digestive problems, thyroid dysfunction, sinus problems, chronic fatigue, hormone and emotional disorders, fertility, migraines, acne, wrinkles and age spots, not to mention weight management can all be treated using a range of Traditional Chinese Medicine approaches.

Precision Health Clinic is pleased to announce the addition of Toby Chang, an experience Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner to our practice. Over the coming weeks we will talk in more detail about the benefits of Traditional Chinese Medicine for our patients. If you think Toby can assist you with your health concerns, please call or email the Clinic to make an appointment.

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