6 Benefits of Good Posture

6 Benefits of Good Posture

… and how to get it!

Ever tried to walk with a book on your head? Didn’t think so. Years ago this was how good posture was taught. It might seem old fashioned, but there are lots of benefits to ‘good posture’.

What is good posture?

  • If you are sitting:
    have your back straight, bottom at the back of the chair, knees at right angles and feet flat on the floor
  • If you are standing:
    Draw a line from your earlobe down through your shoulder, hip, knee and ankle – they should all align

Why good posture is important

  1. It keeps the joints and bones in alignment, allowing the muscles to be used properly, reducing fatigue and allowing the body to use less energy
  2. It decreases the amount of abnormal wearing on joint surfaces, reducing the risk of conditions like arthritis.
  3. It decreases the stress on the spinal ligaments, decreasing the risk of backache and muscular pain.
  4. It prevents the spine from development of permanent abnormal position of the spine, which can cause injury and deformity in spinal disks, and constrict blood flow and nerves.
  5. It opens the airways and ensures proper breathing and improved lung capacity, which in turn improves oxygen flow in the cardiopulmonary system.
  6. It makes you look good. And if you look good, you feel good. In fact, you can “lose” several kilos just by standing up straight, not to mention gaining an inch or two in height.

How you can improve your posture

I’m guessing you don’t want to walk around with a book on your head. So, what can you do to improve your posture?

  1. Keep your muscles flexible
    Try yoga or pilates to ensure your muscles are lengthened and flexible
  2. Work on your Core
    Core strength is important to maintaining posture. Again, yoga and pilates are ideal. Keep an eye out for an upcoming blog about what core strength is and how to get it
  3. Balance
    And by that I mean, keep the muscles on each side of your spine balanced by working them equally
  4. Conscious Correction
    A bit like conscious uncoupling, only better. Whenever you remember, adjust your posture. Soon enough it will become second nature
  5. Chiropractic Care
    Keep everything in line with regular, preventative Chiropractic treatment to ensure all is in working order
  6. Massage
    Regular massage will help keep your muscles supple and elongated, improving your posture and flexibility
  7. Exercise
    By keeping your muscles strong through regular exercise you will improve both balance and posture

So, if you think you need to straighten yourself up, call Precision Health Spine & Sports Clinic on 9639 7337 to ask how we can help, or to make an appointment.

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