Why we Love Laser…

Why we Love Laser…

and you will too!

At Precision Health Spine & Sports Clinic we use a wide range of treatments in the care of our patients in order to provide optimal results.  One of the treatments we use is Laser Therapy.  But what is Laser Therapy?  How does it work, and what are the benefits to our patients?

There are essential two forms of laser used in medical treatment.  Hot Lasers are used in surgery for precision cutting.  Cold Lasers, on the other hand, are used for healing.

Cold laser photons affect tissue at a cellular level, creating a photochemical reaction.  The interaction between the photons and cells stimulate physiological changes that have enormous benefits to damaged, injured or inflamed tissue, such as:

  • Cellular reproduction is increased
  • Healing time is reduced due to the stimulation of fibroblast development
  • Reduction in scar tissue formation
  • Anti-inflammatory response in tissue and joints
  • Stimulation of nerve function important in injured tissue
  • Metabolic activity increase improving oxygenation of the blood
  • Increased circulation through damaged tissue

Studies have shown that using cold laser therapy provides long lasting positive results in tissue repair.  When combined with Chiropractic treatment, healing times can be improved by up to 60%.  Not only is it effective, it is painless, sterile and non-invasive.

Since Cold Laser Therapy uses no heat, sound or vibration it is very gentle, meaning there is no prolonged recovery time or discomfort after treatment.

At Precision Health Spine and Sports Clinic we use Cold Laser Therapy to assist in treating sports injuries, arthritis, De Quervains Tenosynovitis and a range of neck and back pains.  It is also extremely effective in treating migraine and tension headaches.

Call the clinic to discuss the suitability of Laser Therapy in your treatment plan.

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