How much is enough?

How much is enough?

Many Chiropractic patients ask why they have to keep coming back for treatment.  Still others come for a couple of treatments, feel a bit better, and stop coming in.  Then wonder why a couple of months later, they are back to square one with their pain and debility.

Coming to a Chiropractor is a little like taking a course of antibiotics.  Everybody knows you should finish the course – even if you are feeling better.  Because the antibiotics are treating the underlying problem, not just the symptoms.  Chiropractic treatment is just the same.

After a session or two, you will undoubtedly feel better.  But often times the underlying condition is still present.  This is why we set out a schedule of treatment.  It is designed to relieve the symptoms AND resolve the underlying problem.

Treatment plans are specially designed for each individual patient, and each individual injury or problem.  Some will resolve very quickly, some will take a little longer.  And some are chronic in nature and will require extended treatment.  At Precision Health Spine & Sports Clinic we will establish the best course of treatment – including Chiropractic, exercises and any other forms of treatment we think appropriate – and will give you a clear idea how frequently, and for how long you will require treatment.  Of course, every body is different, and depending on your individual circumstances, general health and any other conditions present, you may respond faster, or slower, than expected.  This is why we will constantly monitor your condition and keep you updated on your progress.

The spacing of these appointments is also important – just like with athletic training, there is an optimum schedule of treatment interspersed with rest, where the body has a chance to heal, before the next treatment.  For best results it is important for patients to stick as closely to the schedule of treatments as possible.

Of course, we recognise that busy lives sometimes make it difficult to fit in your treatments, but the better you are at sticking to the treatment plan – and this includes any exercises the Chiropractor prescribes – the faster you will return to full, pain free mobility.

And the more honest you are about how you feel, and your ability to stick to exercise and appointment schedules, the better we can treat you.  At the end of the day your health is your responsibility, and you need to make decisions that are right for you.  But Precision Health Spine & Sports Clinic will always have your best interests at heart, and will be working towards your recovery.  After all – if you feel good, we look good!

So next time you see your Chiropractor, have a frank discussion about what you expect from your treatment, and together you will be able to work out a treatment schedule that works for you both.

The Chiropractors at Precision Health Spine & Sports Clinic Baulkham Hills are always happy to discuss your treatment plans.  If you have any questions about your progress, please let us know.

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