Simon Says…

Simon Says…

touch your toes!

Not everyone can touch their toes like Simon Says.  But is there a benefit to touching your toes?

Touching your toes stretches a whole host of things.  The Hamstring muscle group at the back of your thighs, the Gastrocnemius in your calf, the erector-spinae in your lower back and even your shoulder muscles.

Strong hamstrings will improve knee stability, which is particularly important as we get older, and increase efficiency of movement in the legs.  Strong hamstrings will also help increase your speed when running and jumping, as this is the muscle responsible for the backwards movement of the leg.

The Gastrocnemius muscle is the large muscle at the back of the lower leg, and is used for lifting the knee, so is important in walking and going up stairs.  It is also an important muscle in supporting and balancing, helping to keep us stable.

Strengthening your erector-spinae and shoulder muscles will help prevent lower back pain.  The erector-spinae muscle group is responsible for the side-to-side movement of the back, so it is important for flexibility that this group of muscles is maintained.  It is also responsible for good posture, which is vital to maintaining mobility and strength.

As you can see, following Simon’s simple instructions can have a profound effect on the strength and stability of your body.  So, we are setting you a challenge!  Over the next few weeks, when you get up in the morning – touch your toes.  If you can’t do it to start with, don’t worry and don’t force it.  Just follow these simple guidelines, and each day you will get closer to your goal:

  1. Keep your back and shoulders straight. No curling over.  Bend from the hips.
  2. Gently ‘bounce’ down. If it hurts stop.  Just aim for going a little lower every day.
  3. Slide your palms down your shins until you reach your toes.
  4. Hold for 10-30 seconds

It will only take a couple of minutes a day.  Before you know it you will be touching your toes with ease – and we guarantee you will feel the benefits!

Once you can touch your toes go one step further – Simon Says put your hands flat on the floor!

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