healthy sleep, healthy life

healthy sleep, healthy life

Sleeping is a significant part of life. So significant that we spend 56 hours a week on it. That is 2, 912 hours a year. 25 years of life! In other words, nearly one-third of our life is dedicated to sleeping.

Many people say they don’t need much sleep, but this is not really true. Sleeping at least eight hours a night plays a critical role in your mental & physical health and overall well-being. Each day depends on how much sleep you had the night before. However many people find themselves struggling to grab enough sleep, or tossing and turning from broken sleep.

Some handy tips to improve your quality of sleep:

  1. Set a regular bedtime. Our bodies work off their own clocks and thrive on routine.
  2. Turn Off Electronics. Stay off your phones, laptops and television for at least 30 minutes before bed.
  3. Develop a bedtime ‘routine’. Whether it is 20 minutes of reading, a short meditation, a shower or even a beauty routine, this will help signal to your body that it is time to start winding down, relaxing and going to sleep. It will also help relax your mind – something that often gets in the way of drifting off!
  4. Cool, Calm and Dark. Keeping your sleeping area cool, dark and quiet tells the body its time to sleep and your body listens.
  5. Make sure your bed and pillows are comfortable, and your blankets and doona keep you at a comfortable temperature. Invest in some high-thread-count sheets. You will never get a good night’s sleep if you are not comfortable!
  6. Reduced caffeine. Try to reduce the urge to have a coffee or tea after 2:00 pm. If you feel you need a cup of something warm, try a chamomile tea.

Not having enough sleep can impact you in two ways:

  1. In an instant – not getting enough sleep increases your risk of car – or any other – accidents. Microsleeps are just that – they happen in an instant. And Fatigue is one of the top three killers on the road.
  2. Over time – over a longer period not getting enough sleep raises your risk of health problems like heart disease, high blood pressure, kidney disease, diabetes and stroke. Not to mention it affects your weight and the appearance of your skin and hair. Those seem like pretty good reasons for getting some shut-eye!

What can a good nights rest do for your body?

Sleep improves your ability to learn, play sport, improve your attention span, problem-solving and decision-making skills. Too little sleep compromises with our emotions, making us grumpy and nobody wants to embody a grumpy cat meme!

If you are having trouble getting to sleep or staying asleep even after trying some of the tips we have mentioned, a Relaxation Massage will help your body release the tension that may be the problem. Call our Baulkham Hills Clinic on 9639 7337 to make an appointment for a massage with one of our qualified Massage Therapists.

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