The expectations of expecting

The expectations of expecting

There is no doubt that pregnancy is one of the most exciting times in your life! But not everyone enjoys the physical changes that come along with that emotional ride. Most of us know – and even expect – morning sickness. But there are some other changes your body that might take you by surprise. Luckily, there is help at hand – literally – in the form of your Chiropractor.

Many pregnant women experience pain in the lower belly and groin region. Often, these pains are quick and sharp, usually following a sudden or quick movement, coughing, laughing, standing quickly or even rolling over in bed. These pains are a normal – if sometimes scary, and always inconvenient – part of pregnancy.

Your growing baby is supported in your uterus by two main ligaments – the broad ligament, which attaches the lumbar spine to the uterus, and the round ligament, which connects the front of the uterus to the groin and pelvis. As your baby increases in size, these ligaments have to stretch to make room for your increased belly. Sudden movements can cause these already strained ligaments to tighten – like the snapping of a rubber band, causing a jabbing pain.

Whilst your body does produce a hormone called Relaxin during pregnancy, specifically to relax your ligaments, these two groups of ligaments are under a great deal of strain. Our Chiropractor can help alleviate some of these symptoms. Regular chiropractic treatment during pregnancy can help relax the ligaments that are under strain, and therefore reduce the risk of pain. It has also recently been shown that regular chiropractic treatment during pregnancy can help maintain a strong and healthy pelvic floor muscle, which as we all know, is vital during and after pregnancy.

In addition to regular treatment you can try:

  • gentle exercise like stretching and yoga – remember no sudden movements
  • flexing your hips before you stand up
  • heatpacks – these should be warm, not hot

Pregnancy is a time to look after your body. Not just to reduce pain and discomfort, but to ensure your body is in the best possible shape for labour and birth, and reduce the possibility of complications. Regular Chiropractic treatment and massages will help prepare you for the exciting times ahead!

If you would like to discuss your pregnancy concerns with our Chiropractor, please call the clinic on 9639 7337. We would be happy to talk you through some advice.

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