Calcaneal Spur (Heel Spur)

A calcaneal spur or heel spur is a bone growth that occurs on either the plantar (bottom of the heel) aspect of the calcaneus or dorsal (back of the heel) aspect of the calcaneus, sometimes both may be present. The growth of the bone spur results in pain and tenderness due to the inflammatory process and as well as heightened pain during walking, running or jumping. The presence of pain generally improve with movement but will always present with pain early in the morning and during the first few steps when walking or jogging. The presence of the bone spur is not always diagnosed in its early formation stage or until a visual confirmation can be made via x-ray. Calcaneal spurs are often not treated alone as they may be the cause or effect of with Plantar Fasciitis or Achilles Tendinopathy.

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