What is Cervical Spine Sprain/Strain?

The cervical spine (neck) begins at the base of the skull and is made up of seven vertebrae (spinal bones) labelled C1-7 which connect to the thoracic spine (upper back). A cervical sprain or strain refers to damage of the soft tissue structures that surround the cervical spine. An important distinction between sprains and strains is that a sprain refers to an injury of a ligament while a strain refers to an injury of a muscle.

Sprains and strains typically occur due to injuries such as whiplash, following a motor vehicle accident or a fall, direct trauma, prolonged poor posture, or due to repetitive overuse of the area without adequate recovery time. This causes overstretching and possible tearing of the ligaments and/or muscle fibres. The muscles, tendons, facet capsules and ligament in the cervical spine are all potential sources of neck pain and are dependent on the proposed mechanism of injury, such as an overload injury.

Cervical sprain and strain injuries often present as sudden, sharp pain in the neck, point tenderness, reduced range of motion and/or a pain that travels down into the shoulder, arm, or upper back. This condition may also be associated with headaches and migraines.

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