What is Talar Osteophytes?

Osteophytes, or bone spurs, are small bony outgrowths that develop along joint lines in response to repetitive microtrauma. Osteophytes that develop on the talus (foot bone) typically occur either anteriorly (front) or posteriorly (back).

Anterior talar osteophytes can cause pain on forced dorsiflexion (the lifting of the toes in an upward direction). However, posterior osteophytes typically cause pain on forced plantar flexion (the pointing of the toes in a downwards direction). It is hypothesised that this osteophytic growth may lead to ankle impingement syndrome where there are complaints of restricted joint movements, swelling and pain. These osteophytes may form in response to abnormal stress on the joints or because of ageing. Hyperdorsiflexion, repetitive microtrauma, ankle instability, and recurrent supination are possible causes for the development of bony outgrowths in the anterior aspect of the talus.

Symptoms may include deep pain in the ankle, especially when pressure is applied. This injury is often associated with numbness, tingling or weakness from the ankle down into the toes. Stiffness and limited motion often accompany this injury.

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