What is Cervical Radiculopathy?

Cervical radiculopathy is a condition in which the cervical nerve roots are impinged, pinched or irritated. This can cause neurological symptoms such as numbness, tingling or weakness down the arm, cervical spondylosis, unstable neck structures or acute trauma. Cardiac pain, musculoskeletal disorders, infections and malignancies could also be associated with this condition.

Cervical Radiculopathy may be caused by cervical degenerative joint disease, cervical spinal stenosis and cervical herniated disc. It may sometimes be the result of trauma or tumours. It most often arises from degenerative changes that occur in the spine as people become older or even from an injury that causes a herniated (bulging), intervertebral disk (a cushion of fibrocartilage and the principal joint between two vertebrae in the spinal column. It is important in the normal functioning of the spine). As the disks in the spine age, they lose height and begin to bulge, causing Cervical Radiculopathy.

With Cervical Radiculopathy, patients may or may not feel a shooting pain coming from their shoulder or neck area down to their hands. Regardless, neck and shoulder pain are most common. The pain may vary in intensity. It may present as a dull, sharp or a burning sensation, often presenting with pins and needles or numbness from the neck to shoulder region. The symptoms can be brought on and heightened by movement especially extension (looking up).

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