What is Ulnar Collateral Ligament Sprain/Strain?

The medial collateral ligament of the elbow, also called the ulnar ligament, is located on the inside (or little finger aspect) of the elbow and it prevents lateral (outside) to medial (inside) translation of the elbow joint. A sprain refers to an injury of a ligament and typically occurs due to a stretch or trauma to the elbow which causes overstretching and even possible tearing of the ligamentous fibres. Medial collateral ligament sprains is a similar condition to Little League Elbow Syndrome.

Medial/Ulnar collateral ligament sprains are typically caused by overloading stress movements and are associated with repetitive overhead movements such as that seen in baseball pitchers, tennis players and volleyball players. They are also associated with forced twisting of the arm and from falling onto an outstretched arm.

Medial collateral ligament sprains typically present as pain and swelling on the medial aspect of the elbow with associated valgus (an outside to inside force) laxity. It can also present as a sudden “pop” or pain along the inside of the elbow, leading to the inability to continue throwing. Some other symptoms include elbow pain and stiffness, loss of function in the elbow and arm, numbness or tingling in the ring and little fingers and hand and swelling and bruising.

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