Foot and Toe Joint Dysfunction

The foot joint is composed of several bones and two main joints.

  • Metatarsal Joint: The Metatarsal bones are the 5 bones in the foot that connect the midfoot to the toes. The Metatarsal Joint connects the phalanges of the toes to the metatarsal bones.

  • Interphalangeal Joint: The Interphalangeal Joint is the joint between the bones of the toe and the metatarsal, or midfoot bones.


Foot joint dysfunction is the term used to describe a number of injuries that affect the function of the interphalangeal and metatarsal joints. These include traumatic, biomechanical, hormonal, inflammatory or degenerative joint disease.  These injuries may cause hypomobility (less movement) or hypermobility (more movement).  This altered function can cause further problems with the surrounding joints, muscles and ligaments resulting in pain when weight bearing, walking and running.

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