What is Osteochondritis of the Navicular (Kohler’s disease)?

Osteochondritis or Kohler’s disease is a rare condition seen in children 4-7 years old where an abnormal strain is placed on the navicular (a bone in the arch of the foot) causing it to inflame. Although it is unclear why it occurs, a theory states that the navicular is weaker and slower to develop than the other tarsal bones and is susceptible to being compressed by the developed surrounding bones.

Compression of the under-developed navicular results in limited blood supply to the bone which results in avascular necrosis (bone deterioration). Over time the bone will heal and harden, however during the process the inner arch of the foot becomes swollen, painful and tender to touch.

Symptoms of this condition may include, swelling of the foot and pain and tenderness around the length of the arch. Kohler’s disease is characterised by limping due to the pain and swelling of the foot.

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