What is Impingement Syndrome?

Impingement syndrome is a common pain producing condition that affects the shoulder. It is a clinical syndrome in which soft tissues involved in the shoulder become painfully entrapped in an area of the shoulder joint, known as the subacromial space.

Impingement syndrome can have various causes including, functional, degenerative and mechanical. Injury to the rotator cuff (a sheath of tendons and ligaments supporting the arm at the shoulder) initiates an inflammatory response, however due to the unique structure of the shoulder, the bones surrounding the joint limit the amount of expansion that can take place. This causes compression within the shoulder itself, limiting blood flow and causing secondary damage to the tendons and bursa.

Symptoms of Impingement Syndrome present with pain upon lifting your arm, lowering your arm from a raised position or when reaching. Pain is sometimes experienced when lying on the affected shoulder or when your arms are extended above your head. Pain and tenderness can often be experienced in the front of your shoulder and can be described as pain that moves from the front of your shoulder to the side of your arm.

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