What is Transient-Structural Scoliosis (Sciatic Scoliosis)?

Scoliosis refers to an abnormal deviation in the curvature of the spine usually seen in x-rays as a lateral (sideways) S or C curvature. Transient-structural scoliosis is classified as a functional or non-structural scoliosis, in which the spine has an abnormal curve, but no abnormal rotation. This condition is usually temporary and disappears once the underlying cause has been addressed.

Transient-structural scoliosis may be on a sciatic, inflammatory, or hysterical basis. Sciatic scoliosis is due to a patient positioning themselves in an antalgic (pain-avoiding) position most commonly caused by nerve root compression or irritation, which creates spinal compensation and thus, a curve. Inflammatory scoliosis is due to vertebral or paravertebral inflammation, while hysterical scoliosis is due to an underlying psychological disorder.

Some common symptoms of transient-structural scoliosis may present as clothing suddenly fitting differently or unevenly, having issues with balance or coordination, uneven shoulders, waist, or hips, ribs stick out more on one side compared to the other side, prominent shoulder blade on one side, asymmetrical space between the arms and the body, legs seem to be different lengths, and the head may even appear to be off centre compared to the rest of the body. This condition is not necessarily related to pain; however, patients may experience symptoms such as pain and numbness on occasion.

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