What is Scheuermann’s Disease?

Scheuermann’s disease, a developmental disorder impacting the spine, is thought to result from trauma to the vertebral growth plates during adolescence. This condition is characterized by normal bony growth in the posterior (back) vertebral structures, coupled with a cessation of growth in the anterior (front) vertebral structures, leading to the development of wedge-shaped vertebral bodies.

The diagnosis of Scheuermann’s Disease is made when three or more consecutive vertebral segments are involved. Scheuermann’s Disease typically occurs in the thoracic (mid) spine region but may also occur in the lumbar (low back) region.

Residents in Baulkham Hills and the Hills Area experiencing Scheuermann’s Disease often encounter pain around the mid-back region, accompanied by an increased curvature of the spine and limited range of spinal motion. Seeking chiropractic treatment in Baulkham Hills proves beneficial, as it addresses postural correction, pain relief, and the potential correction of kyphosis in the back, all without the need for surgery.

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Boysen, J.C. and Silverman, S.L., 2012. Chiropractic management of a patient with Scheuermann’s kyphosis. Clinical Chiropractic, 15(1), pp.5-9.

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