Raynaud’s Syndrome (Raynaud’s Disease/Phenomenon)

Raynaud’s is characterised by vasospasm (sudden contraction of a blood vessel) of the small arteries that supply blood to the skin, typically in the fingertips or toes. There are two types of Raynaud’s, Primary Raynaud’s and Secondary Raynaud’s.

● Primary Raynaud’s, also referred to as Raynaud’s Disease, is caused by an underlying associated medical condition that can cause vasospasm.

● Secondary Raynaud’s, also referred to as Raynaud’s Phenomenon, is caused by a separate underlying condition such as a connective tissue disease, atherosclerosis (thickening, hardening and/or plaque build-up within arteries), carpal tunnel syndrome, repetitive trauma, smoking or even certain medications.

Raynaud’s presents as coldness, numbness, stinging, pallor (whitening) and/or blueness of the fingertips or toes.

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