What is Structural Scoliosis (Idiopathic Scoliosis)?

Scoliosis, specifically structural scoliosis, is a condition characterized by an abnormal deviation in the curvature of the spine, often appears in x-rays as a lateral (sideways) S or C curvature. Structural scoliosis involves both lateral and rotational curvatures resulting from irreversible changes to the spine’s structure. It is crucial to understand that this condition can significantly impact an individual’s musculoskeletal system and overall well-being. The unique nature of Structural Scoliosis distinguishes it from other forms of spinal curvature disorders.

Structural scoliosis may progress over time, causing complications such as uneven shoulder or hip levels, muscle imbalances, and potential respiratory or cardiovascular issues in severe cases. This condition is frequently idiopathic (of unknown cause), but some cases may stem from congenital disorders, nerve or muscular issues, injuries, infections, or tumours in the spine.

Some symptoms may consist of the top of shoulders being uneven, one shoulder blade (in the upper back) is more prominent or visible than the other, one hip appears higher than the other, or even one side of the rib cage is higher than the other when bending forward.

Precision Health Clinics Baulkham Hills specialises in addressing the challenges posed by Structural Scoliosis. Our chiropractic approach aims to provide not only temporary pain relief but also to enhance the functionality of the spine and surrounding structures. Through targeted chiropractic adjustments, our team strives to release restrictions, improve mobility, and promote optimal spinal alignment. These adjustments can offer temporary pain relief and release restricted joints, contributing to an improved quality of life.

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