What is Slipped Capital Epiphysis (Adolescent Coxa Vara)?

Slipped capital femoral epiphysis (SCFE), a prevalent hip pathology, refers to the separation of the femur head from the rest of the femur (thigh bone) along the growth plate, causing the femur to slip in a backwards direction.

This disorder is frequently observed in pre-adolescents and adolescents in Baulkham Hills and the Hills Area, with a higher incidence in overweight individuals or young, rapidly growing adolescents who have a history of trauma.

Common symptoms of SCFE include hip, thigh, groin, or knee pain, often accompanied by limping or an inability to bear weight. Residents in Baulkham Hills and the Hills Area should be aware of the prevalence of SCFE, particularly in the targeted demographic.

For those seeking specialised care in Baulkham Hills, a chiropractor can play a crucial role in addressing SCFE. Chiropractic interventions, including adjustments and massage therapy, aim to alleviate pain, improve hip function, and support the overall well-being of adolescents dealing with SCFE.

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