What is Fat Pad Syndrome?

Fat pad syndrome is the thinning of the fat pads that support and cushion your heels. “The alignment of the arch of the foot and the gait or biomechanics are the two most significant contributing factors responsible for heel fat pad syndrome.” (Gaikwad & Jackson, Heel fat pad syndrome). The arch of the foot is responsible for supporting the foot in the proper alignment. If the arch is injured, this places added pressure onto the heel pad.

Fat Pad syndrome occurs in the older individual where the fat pad underneath the heel begins to degenerate. As a result of this degeneration, shock absorption becomes limited and the calcaneus (heel bone) is placed under increased stress. This syndrome, over time, is often caused by the wear and tear of the fatty tissue and muscle fibres that make up your heal pads. Fat pad syndrome typically is present in the older individual as pain located directly underneath the heel bone. It is made worse by weight bearing. This condition can occur from overuse of your feet, such as high-impact activities, prolonged standing or walking, incorrect footwear or no footwear at all. Other causes include injury, or strain on the corpus adiposum.

This pain experienced from Fat Pad Syndrome could lead to restriction in your everyday activities. Symptoms of Fat Pad syndrome include: Deep pain or bruise-like pain in the middle of your heel when you walk, stand or run. Deep pain that can be reproduced with a firm press to the middle of your heel.

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