What is Snapping Hip Syndrome?

Snapping Hip Syndrome, also known as coxa saltans, describes a distinctive snapping or popping sensation or sound that can be both heard and felt in the hip region. This phenomenon is often triggered by specific movements such as walking, rising from a seated position, or rotating the leg. The audible snap is produced when tendons glide over bony prominences or bursae within the hip joint.

This condition is primarily characterised by its association with overuse injuries, commonly observed in activities requiring repetitive hip flexion and extension. Athletes engaged in dynamic sports like dance, soccer, gymnastics, and running are particularly susceptible to developing snapping hip syndrome due to the repetitive nature of their movements.

Although snapping hip syndrome typically does not cause pain, it can lead to irritation or inflammation of the involved structures, such as the bursae. Bursae are fluid-filled sacs that cushion and reduce friction between tendons, ligaments, and bones. When these bursae become irritated or inflamed, a condition known as bursitis may develop, causing discomfort and restricted movement in the hip.

Management of snapping hip syndrome often involves conservative measures such as rest, activity modification, stretching exercises, and physical therapy to improve hip flexibility and strength.

Early recognition and appropriate management of snapping hip syndrome are essential to prevent worsening symptoms and maintain optimal hip health, especially for individuals actively involved in sports or activities that place repetitive stress on the hip joint.

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