What is Shoulder Tendinitis/Bursitis OR Shoulder Bursitis?

Bursae are fluid filled sacs that act to reduce friction between bones, tendons and/or muscles surrounding surfaces that are exposed to higher degrees of wear and friction.

Subacromial bursitis:

The subacromial bursa is located beneath the bony prominence (acromion process) at the top of the shoulder and acts to reduce friction between the acromion and tendon of supraspinatus tendon.

Subacromial bursitis is a common cause of shoulder pain and is typically caused by repetitive overhead activities and minor trauma such as falls.

Certain shoulder movements such as repetitive overhead activities, prolonged arm elevation, repetitive shoulder rotation activities, excessive pushing or pulling or sleeping on the affected shoulder, all place compressive forces on the subacromial bursa resulting in irritation, pain and inflammation.


Subdeltoid Bursitis

Subdeltoid bursitis:

Irritation of the subdeltoid bursa can occur following frequent repetitive activation of the deltoid muscle, which acts to abduct the arm (lift the arm out sideways) and is typically associated with repetitive heavy lifting activities. This repetitive, compressive force causes irritation, pain and inflammation of the subdeltoid bursa, and is referred to as subdeltoid bursitis.

Patients that suffer from shoulder bursitis usually experience excessive warmth at the site of the inflamed bursa. They often complain of a great deal of tenderness, pain, and fever. The swelling and redness may spread away from the affected site and go up or down the arm.

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