What is Sinus Headaches?

Sinuses are air-filled spaces that are located by the forehead, cheekbones and behind the bridge of the nose. These sinuses serve to decrease the weight of your head, protect your face against trauma, control the temperature on the inside of your nose and to give your voice resonance. The inflammation and congestion of these sinuses causes pressure and pain to a person. This is known as a Sinus Headache.

Sinus headaches are caused by swollen sinus cavities, where the build-up of pressure results in pain over the cheeks and possible radiation to the oral cavity (Kuruvilla, 2023). Sinus headaches are the result of a bacterial or viral infection of the mucosa lining within the sinus cavities. An allergic reaction or often a bacterial or viral infection of the mucosa lining within the sinus cavities result in a sinus headache. It can be caused by respiratory infections, such as a cold or the flu. Or it can also be caused by allergies, such as hay fever.

Sufferers often describe the pain as dull deep and constant pain that can escalate to severe pain. Associated sinus symptoms include, a runny nose, fullness in your ears, fever and swelling in your face. People often feel pressure around the eyes, cheeks and forehead. These types of headaches may often feel like an infection of the sinuses. Sinus headaches are often confused with Migraines. Other types of headaches can feel similar to the sinus headache; however, a true sinus headache is quite rare.

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