What is Muscle Contusions/Myositis Ossificans?

Contusions, commonly known as bruises, occur when there is direct trauma or repetitive impact to an area of the body, causing damage to the underlying tissue. This trauma can result in the rupture of small blood vessels, leading to the leakage of blood into the surrounding tissue and the formation of a hematoma, which is a visible discoloration of the skin.

In cases where a contusion affects the quadriceps muscle, there is a risk of developing a complication known as myositis ossificans. This condition arises when the injured muscle tissue undergoes abnormal healing, leading to the formation of bone-like deposits, or calcifications, within the muscle belly. Myositis ossificans can occur when the initial contusion injury is not adequately treated or allowed to heal properly.

The development of myositis ossificans can be characterised by the presence of a palpable lump or mass in the affected area several weeks after the initial injury. This lump may be tender to the touch and can restrict the range of motion in the adjacent joint, particularly if it occurs near the knee joint in the case of a quadriceps contusion.

Clinically, a contusion of the quadriceps muscle typically presents with swelling, discoloration (bruising), and pain following a direct blow or impact to the area. However, distinguishing between a routine contusion and the development of myositis ossificans is important, as the latter may require specific management strategies such as imaging studies (e.g., X-rays) to confirm the presence of calcifications and possibly interventions to prevent further complications or promote resolution of the abnormal bone formation.

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