What is Shoulder Girdle?

Little leaguer’s shoulder, also known as proximal humeral epiphysititis, is an injury to the humerus (arm bone) at the shoulder. This injury is described as an overuse injury that occurs in growing male athletes, typically aged 10-15, who perform frequent repetitive overarm throwing motions, such as baseball pitchers.

As the adolescent is still growing, the growth plates have not fused properly and this repetitive microtrauma likely damages the cartilage of the epiphysis. The repetitive rotational stress that is placed on the shoulder causes a Salter-Harris Type 1 injury, which is a fracture and slippage of the growth plate of the humerus at the shoulder. Occasionally, people may suffer with this condition if the muscles in and around the shoulder are not strong enough, and if the shoulder is being used repetitively without ample breaks in between use.

Little leaguer’s shoulder typically presents as a gradual onset of shoulder and upper arm pain and tenderness. Often pain is present in the shoulders while playing. Swelling in the shoulder joint and having difficulty with lifting the arm are all common symptoms associated with Little Leaguer’s Shoulder.

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